THE TREASURE CHEST "I Want Everything!"

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You can SAVE $$ and have just about EVERYTHING when you get THE TREASURE CHEST!! A complete collection of all your favorite items including:

  • V-Cleanse Antibacterial Intimate Wash
  •  Purifying Yoni Poms
  • V-Honey Vaginal Tightening Gel
  • Candi Kisses Edible lubricating Gel
  • Pretty-V Yoni & Body Bar
  • V-Pearls Detox Cleanse
  • Plus FREE Precise-V Vaginal pH TEST STRIPS!!


THE TREASURE CHEST is our number one value with more items for less.  You only get one vagina and it’s going to be with you for a very long time. With that being said, we understand if YOU WANT EVERYTHING!

(See individual products for details of usage and directions)


Customer Reviews

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5 Starrrrr

Baby Girl, My Must Have!!! I feel so sopiled my order came early and i have my treasure chest I feel complete!! The Only product I use for my 😻!! If you dont know you better know 💯 Get Your V-Doctor products its a must!!! 🥰😍💝💝 Thank You VDoctor 💋

kaliyah smith
It was great

The yin e pods was good I just used it to Freshen up down here I wanted to see what the world was talking about and I love it

Angel Gray
All Natural and for Sensitive Skins

These products are amazing. I’m usually allergic to everything, and I was definitely concerned about having a reaction, but I never did with any of these products. I definitely feel more refreshed after showers using the Yoni wash than I did using regular body wash. The only disappointing aspect was the treasure box was supposed to come with free pH test strips and my box didn’t. I think it would have been interesting to see if there was a difference before and after using the products.


Hello I purchased the THE TREASURE CHEST "I Want Everything!". First off this the first thing that I have purchased from watching TikToc and reading reviews. However, I was pleased beyond my exceptions and the results was absolutely shocked to see what came out of me. I am a mother of two but I had a C-section with both children so I was curious to see what would be cleansed out of me. I did the three V-Pearls Detox Cleanse process. It took me a little longer to do the process because my menstrual cycle came on after the first pearl. So I waited until my cycle went off and put the second pearl in and then I did the final pearl.

Pearl 1 Experience: During this time(after incretion) I felt a lot of bloating, some sharp cramps, somewhat nauseated and light headed. My stomach was hella bloated. However, like I mentioned earlier my cycle was about to come on so I think that added to the symptoms as well. After taking out the pearl (56 hours later) a piece of clear, plastic like, and about 1" and 1/2 discarded out of me. And my cycle came on early.

Pearl 2 Experience: During this time(after incretion) I felt less bloating and the symptoms had subside more. However, I still some cramping and my juicebox was a lot tighter. It was harder for me to insert the pearl cause she was tighter. After taking the pearl out (72 hours later) the next day what came out of me was shocking. What came out of me was definitely my uterus lining or after birth that was left in me. It was about 3 to 4 inches, kind of thick cell like, and it was a darkish reddish-brown specimen. I work in a laboratory so the scientist in me made me test it. I am not going to tell you what all I found in the mass discharge. Let just say my body needed this cleansing.

Peal 3 Experience: During this time(after the 3rd incretion) I really didn't feel anything, other than I noticed tightness of my juicebox. After removing it I did not have anything else discard from my vagina. I just noticed that it is super tight when I was removing the ball.

I have not had sex since doing the detox so I don't know how my juicebox will perform after this cleaning process.

The only other product that I used was the V-Cleanse Antibacterial Intimate Wash. The very first time I washed with the v-cleanse it irritated my juicebox somewhat; however I keep using it and now it does not bother me at all.

I definitely RECOMMEND this products. I am a life time customer.

Amazing Products!!!😍😍😍

I bought the Platinum Treasure Box a few months ago and only used the intimate wash at first….. I then started using the purifying yoni poms and whew baby that body bar is everything! Can’t wait to start everything else meanwhile have to replenish my cleanser and order more poms and yoni bar!!! Recommended 💯💯💯