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"KEEP IT PURE" with V-Pearls Yoni Detox.  A special blend of herbs that is a natural effective way to cleanse your vagina, detoxify your uterus and improve your overall womb health. 

If Having Concerns With:

* Toxins and impurities in the womb  
* Painful menstruation  
* Hormonal imbalance  
* Irregular menstruation  
* Infertility and fallopian tube blockage  
* Uterine disorders such as fibroids, endometritis, ovarian cyst, PID etc.

DIRECTIONS:  With clean hands, open the foil bag and unravel the string of the V-pearl, leaving it attached for removal. Place the V-Pearl in warm water for 1-3 minutes.  Laying flat on your back insert the V-Pearl, with your finger or an applicator, about 7 cm deep.  Leave the string outside of your vagina for easy removal.  Remove V-Pearl after 48-72 hours.  Wait 24 hours after removal before inserting the second V-Pearl and repeat steps.  Repeat steps again for the third V-Pearl. 

NOTICE:  Three V-Pearls is one treatment course.  The amount of treatment courses vary depending on the condition being treated. (See Picture). DO NOT exceed more than two cleanses (6 V-pearls) per month.  While detoxing drink 64oz water daily.  There will be about 6 days of uterine purging occurring during and after removal of V-pearls.  Wear pads to catch expelled toxins, mucus and old blood. If severe cramping, discomfort or vaginal irritation occurs, remove for 24 hours and reinsert a new V-pearl.  Sex not recommended during the purging phase, however, you can resume sex after 24 hours of use.

CAUTION:  Not for use in pregnancy, breast feeding women, virgins, or during menstruation (wait 3 days after menses for use).  Discontinue if negative reaction occurs. Always follow up with your OB/Gyn or PCP for vaginal and uterine problems.  Results vary per person.

100% HERBAL INGREDIENTS: Fructus Cnidii, Sophora Flavescens, Cortex Phellodendri, Bombyx Batryticatus, Leonurus, Frankincense, Myrrh, Peach Seed, Dried Alum, Resina Draconis, Flos Carthami, Borneol, Chrysanthemum Indicum, Panax Notoginseng

Customer Reviews

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Gail Davis

So I had a hysterectomy in Oct 2021. Is this something that could work for me? Is there instructions for how to cleanse for a hysterectomy? I am a FAITHFUL YONI BAR ( wish they were the original size bars) & FOAM WASH USER, as well as the pH balancing pills and suppositories. MzKitty is the happiest, sweetest, wettest, tightest and most pleasant smelling now than in all her 35yrs!! V Doc is amazing. Forever customer 💞

Leonard Murray

This has to be my favorite thing by far in my order and I ordered ALMOST EVERYTHING. I had some discharge BUT my FAVORITE PART of these I experienced AFTER MY FIRST USE! After using one I noticed that it had me soo tight it was hard to pull back out! They also leave your yoni smelling exactly like the poms for a few days. These are the TRUTH! MY HUSBAND IS SO CONFUSED... BUT HAPPY! I'M KEEPING THEM A SECRET. I will be using mine once a week and I don't EVER WANTED TO BE CAUGHT WITHOUT THEM! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE V- DOCTOR SO GLAD I FOUND YOU AND YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ALWAYS AMAZING AND GREATLY APPRECIATED! ALREADY PUTTING TOGETHER MY NEXT BOX! This time I want EVERYTHING EVERYTHING! I KNOW I NEED THAT SEAT😉

Thank you so much for your review! Glad it has helped. We appreciate your feedback and value your opinion! Please use code UROCK20 at checkout for a special discount on your next order!


I haven't received my order

Not a good feel

These were not a good feel for me and a little painful….I never could really wear
Tampons so that may be the issue but I did love your balancing pills 💊 and they did help me because I had a full
hysterectomy and deal with discharge
That has a lite odor and it helped
balance my PH and I’ve been ok since! I do plan to buy and experience more
products in the near future ❤️


My First Pearl Was Very Effective Lots Of Tissues Released. I Tried To Leave It In For 48 Hours However It Slowly Pushed Out. I’d Advise To Push Up As Far As Possible. I Was Very Please To See That My Lady Was Virgin Tight. Follow Directions And Wait 24 Hours Before Inserting A New One ! You Will Need A Liner To Catch Excess Discharge Also. I Was With The Rose Collection Religiously So I’ve Been Healing All Around ! The Second Pearl Didn’t Release As Much As The First And There Was Anything Besides Slight Tingling. My Period Was AMAZING ! No CRAMPS AND HEAVY MOODS !! I Suffer Super Bad Cramping Pains That Causes Fainting Spells & Low Anemia. Definitely Alot Of Benefit To The Pearl !