"KEEP IT CLEAN" V-Cleanse Intimate Rose Wash

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"KEEP IT CLEAN" with our NEW V-Cleanse Intimate ROSE Wash!  Over the counter soaps and washes can have harsh chemicals that may cause damage to your vagina and throw off your pH balance increasing our risk of infection.  V-Cleanse is all natural and paraben free making it safe and ideal for daily use on your gentle intimate areas.


*Fights against harmful bacteria and yeast
*Soothes ad heals irritated vaginal skin
*Reduces inflammation
*Refreshes and moisturizes 
*Maintains and balances PH levels
*Prevents dryness
*Relieves itching 
*Fights and eliminates odor

Directions: Dispense 3-4 pumps of vaginal wash into clean wet hands (DO NOT USE A TOWEL).  Lather and gently massage over wet vulva and perineal areas.  Rinse thoroughly and pat dry your with soft dry towel.  For external use only, discontinue if irritation occurs.

Notice: SHAKE WELL before use as natural ingredients tend to settle.  Store at room temperature.  Shelf life 6-8 weeks. 

100% ALL NATURAL PLANT BASED INGREDIENTS: Rose Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Aloe Extract, Sophora Extract, Cortex Phellodendri Extract, Cnidium Extract, Safflower Extract, Sophora Japonica Extract.


Customer Reviews

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Zoe Maldonado
Gentle and Wonderful

I am a super fan! I love this product and would not go back to using any other soaps or feminine washes. It is so so gentle and soothing, and has a delicate scent. I used to be prone to irritation and yeast infections, especially around menstruation. Since using the product I rarely get yeast infections. There are no weird chemicals in this all-natural wash so I don't feel sketched out using it. My yoni has never felt better.

My partner really likes this stuff too. He enjoys how the delicate scent doesn't overpower or interfere with my natural scent. We liked it so much that he started to use it on his delicate areas too!

Melissa Thomas

"KEEP IT CLEAN" V-Cleanse Intimate Rose Wash

Tiara Brown

"KEEP IT CLEAN" V-Cleanse Intimate Rose Wash


This 🤩
Makes me smell so good, long lasting. I absolutely LOVEEEEE this product. Actually smells like roses. Its a foam, super easy to use

Rosy Dallas Tx
Luv! Rose wash

Amazing wash! Keeps me balanced and fresh! Luv luv luv!!!