PRETTY V YONI OIL "Keep It Moisturized"

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"KEEP IT MOISTURIZED" with the Pretty V Yoni Oil! 100% herbal oil with a unique formula designed to soothe and hydrate your lady flower!



*Aids with menstrual pains

*Tightens and Deodorizes


With clean hands, take 1-2 drops then gently apply it to vulva (yoni), or apply directly on the panty liner. Can also take 1-2 drops and dilute with warm bath water, then bath.


Rose- Rose oil, Mugwort oil, Magnolia oil, Clove oil, Tea oil, Angelica extract, Rose petals. 

Camomile- Calendula Oil, Mugwort oil, Magnolia oil, Clove oil, Sea-buckthorn oil, Angelica extract, Calendula petals. 


For external use only.  CAUTION for use in early pregnancy.  DO NOT use during menstrual period.

Customer Reviews

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I love the actual roses in there. Smells so good. My man loves 🤩 says it smells and feels so good. It’s a great moisturizer, and it looks so pretty

LaTeisha Jean

PRETTY V YONI OIL "Keep It Moisturized"

Tenisha Smith

I really love it

Rose Oil

Not Only Does The Product Moisturize And Make Your Yoni Smell Like A Bouquet Of Roses Lol But When You Use It With The Rose Foam Wash Together You Will Advantage Full Benefits! My Main Things Are The Medical And Healing Effects. Candida Is No Stranger To Me Man Yeast Comes Before And After My Cycle So This Came Just In Time. It Heals Irritability, Soreness And Puts Ease To Any Skin Inflammation ! You’ll Feel The Vulva Healing As The Days Pass, Also You’ll Feel TheTightning & Fresh All Day Long ! I Use This Daily Now And I Have To Say That If You Want To Give Your Partner A Treat Use This And You Will Be Rewarded OK 😩💕 Take Care Of Your Body & Your Body Will Take Care Of You !!

Jamilla Davis
💋 Have them begging for more!

I call this lotion for your kitty kat! The best yoni oil ever!! I can’t keep my man off of me! 💦💦Literally! It moisturizes. Smells amazing and makes her smell amazing not to mention. Tightens. I use my yoni oil twice a day. In the morning and at night. I only use it outside of the vagina. Around the lip part. Actually has a rose petal inside of the oil. You only need a small amount it goes far. I’ve had one bottle for at least two months. Worth every penny.