NEW V Doctor Sweet Spot VIP Digital Program w/ Juicing Recipe Favorites

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The V Doctor will teach you!

This course offers you the chance to address common feminine concerns and learn intimate health secrets to keeping your vagina healthy

What You’ll Learn:

  • NEW - FULL Juicing Recipes Ebook for improving your pH naturally!
  • How to Prevent Vaginal Infections
  • ​Tips and Tricks to Keep The P Smelling Great
  • ​How to Make Her Taste Sweeter
  • ​Ways to Keep Her Tight And Nice
  • ​Tips to Keep The Her Wet
  • ​What to use and what not to use on the P
  • ​How to Eat Properly to Maintain Your Vaginal PH Level
  • ​How to prevent odors, itching and irritation
  • ​How To Prevent Vaginal Dryness
  • ​How To Remedy Vaginal Dryness
  • ​How To Prevent Vaginal Infections
  • ​How To Remedy Vaginal Infections
  • ​How To Keep it Pleasurable For You and Your Partner
  • ​How to Stay Confident that your P is the Best They’ll ever Have

Why The Sweet Spot Program?

  • Wouldn't it he great to have instant access to the answer for most of your vaginal health questions?!
  • ​ It's like a having The V Doctor at your own home!
  • STOP ​scheduling and waiting for doctors appointments when you need help now!
  • ​NO MORE dealing with prescriptions that don't work
  • ​Now you can STOP dealing with insurance companies
  • ​Find the answer for your personal feminine health answers in the comfort of your own home or as apart of our VIP Sweet Spot Facebook Group
  • ​Receive LIFETIME access to all of the videos, documents and UPDATES for life!

Sweet Spot Bonuses

Become an Official Sweety and gain access to these bonuses:

  • The Sweet Spot FB Group – An all-female empowerment group focusing on vaginal health!
  • Massive 50%+ Discount OFF The Official Treasure Chest Platinum Kit (Normally $210, Only $99 When You Purchase The Sweet Spot)
  • Get the exclusive V Doctor Women's Personal Health Edition eBook ($27 Value)
  • ​A Monthly 20% off Discount Code to all products!

Customer Reviews

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Shannon Strain
Happy V Happy Me

I love these products, they help keep me so fresh and balanced, and not to mention I taste yummy (not that I haven't before) I love how the POM refresher helps me after my menstrual cycle it helps bring me back to action quickly if you know what I mean. Hehe I am still trying everything I love so far what I've bought and I know you ladies will too, your vagina will thank you! 🤗😘

This program is INCREDIBLE!

Game changer! I didn't know half of this. So good!!

nice products

plz use it