Restore Vaginal pH Balance Naturally

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When your vaginal pH balance is disturbed you may experience such maladies as
vaginal infections, cramping during menstrual cycles, viral illnesses, abnormal
sensitivity, inflammation and acne.
Different parts of the body have different pH ‘normal’ ranges. When the pH level
moves beyond this, either becoming too alkaline or too acidic, ill-health results.
This is often because the imbalance creates an environment where beneficial
organisms are inhibited, and dangerous ones thrive.
pH Imbalance Usually System-wide
When this occurs, disease follows. This is not limited to only vaginal health.
Unbalanced pH has been implicated in severe conditions such as osteoporosis,
Alzheimer’s disease and even strokes.
Before pH imbalance causes problems for you, adjust your lifestyle to incorporate
a healthy diet and exercise routine. Just a few changes can make a difference in
achieving optimal health of your body – including your vagina.
If one part of your body has a pH imbalance, it is almost certain that the rest of
the body will be imbalanced also. If you are suffering through symptoms that
indicate that your vaginal pH is not as it should be, this is a strong indication that
you should make system-wide changes.
If you only focus on clearing up the specific condition, without addressing the
underlying cause (in this case imbalanced pH levels), you will:

  1. Have to employ stronger and less natural remedies, often with unwanted
    side effects.
  2. Find the condition recurring, sometimes quickly when the medication is
  3. Have other health conditions, now or later as a result of the imbalance.

Restoring Correct pH Balance
An imbalanced pH in often the result of imbalanced inputs. An excess of any one
type of food that results in a lack or suppression of any needed nutrient can cause
this. Of course if the excess is of something that is not beneficial to health the
effects will be multiplied.
Some changes you can make to help restore your body’s, and therefore your
vagina’s pH balance are:
 Fruits and Vegetables – Adding a variety of fruits and vegetables to your
diet can promote health bacteria and that can help to control pH levels.
Kale and spinach and all dark, green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, beets
and raspberries help balance pH levels.
 Take a Multivitamin – Vitamins and minerals from food is the ideal, but the
reality is most of us don’t get enough nutrition in our daily diet plans.
Taking a multivitamin with essential vitamins and minerals can boost
healthy bacteria and restore the pH balance.
 Take a Daily Oral Probiotic Lactobacillus – Pro-B and other natural probiotic
products have been proven to help maintain a normal amount of
lactobacilli in the vagina.
 Coconut and Tea Tree Oil – You can use natural coconut oil by soaking a
non-applicator tampon and inserting it in your vagina at night. Tea Tree
essential is used to treat yeast infections, and can also keep your vagina’s
pH balance in check. Soak in a sitz bath to which about 10 drops of tea tree
oil has been added.
 Distilled Vinegar Solution – Wash your vagina with a solution of one
tablespoon vinegar added to a quart of water. Use a squirt bottle to apply
the solution to the area around the vagina.
 Wear Comfortable Clothing – The vagina’s pH balance can be affected if
you wear synthetic and/or tight clothing. Cotton is best for undergarments
and wear loose-fitting clothes.

There are other causes for the vagina’s pH balance to be off-kilter, including
hormone imbalance and irritating soaps and other products used around the
If you begin to notice abnormal discharges or a foul odor from the vagina, it may
be that your pH balance needs to be restored.

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